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    The London School of Stanford Quarrie Art Of Combat offers Martial Arts and self defence combat training classes to Chigwell & Woodford, Greater London, UK and invites every one of all ages to understand the importance of awareness in their every day life. Our programmes, seminars and workshops prepares one mentally and physically to deal with mass attack, hand to hand combat, knife defence and other edge weapon disarming, aswell as hand gun defence and other firearm disarming.

    Stanford Quarrie Art Of Combat allows you to become prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for dealing with the unknown. Our self defence training takes nothing away from you but instead helps you to improve and understand the capability of oneself. Regardless of your Martial Arts style and background, you will benefit from this flexible art where relaxation is paramount. This is not a violent Martial Art and is not intended for attacking or for any criminal activity. It is an art purely for you to understand and exercise self defence techniques in all levels of personal protection.

    Stanford Quarries Art of Combat invites every one of all ages to understand the importance of awareness in their every day life. Awareness is the key for self defence. In this modern age of violence and crime our aim is for everyone to use this self defence training to be able to deal with the unknown.

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  • our principles

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      Someone who concentrates on power with extreme tension will no doubt suffer from joint problems especially in later life.

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      Our self defence training is a smooth flowing, low energy defensive controlling system where the use of the opponent's energy is used to conserve your own.

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      Understanding body language therefore is the key to opening and unlocking the brain for these movements.

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      Break falling training is also important as most street fighting evolves into ground fighting and damage is done when contact is made on the hard surface.

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      Regardless of what Martial Arts you might study or how long you have trained you should always bare in mind there is always something out there you don't know and the solution could be as simple as a side step to avoid contact.

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      To be non aggressive. To remain very calm. Relate to awareness. Never to underestimate anything. To always be willing to learn. To Listen. To have patience in learning. To have discipline.

  • Our Classes

    All self defence classes involve partnering with different students which will allow you to understand different energies and take you out of your comfort zone forcing you to adjust when confronting different height and sizes.

    Throughout the self defence classes you will learn self defence against strikes, edge weapons and other foreign object weaponary used in everyday assaults like baseball bats, then finally advancing on to close quarter self defence against firearms.

    All self defence training weapons used in the self defence classes are realistic but entirely safe for self defence. All weapons used during self defence classes are available through the Art Of Combat Martial Arts Shop.

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  • Our Seminars

    Self Defence Seminar Classes comprise of three stages that will each last two to three hours and will incorporate warming-up with stretching before continuing onto practical self defence exercises. Most importantly essential time will be spent explaining the theory behind all self defence movements.

    Stage 1
    Self Defence fundamentals:

    • Basic Safety
    • Awareness
    • Defence
    • Relaxation
    • Positioning
    • Movement
    • THE FLOW

    Stage 2
    Self Defence introductions:

    • Escape Routes
    • Defending two against one
    • Edge weapons defence
    • Relaxation Strikes
    • Defending from the floor

    Stage 3
    Self Defence developments:

    • Revisit fundamentals
    • Controlling strikes
    • Controlling knife attacks
    • Basic fire-arm disarming
    • Breathing techniques to counter impacts
    • Mass attacks
    • Advanced Positioning
    • Escape route techniques
  • Our Workshops

    Self Defence Workshop Classes involve advanced self defence training techniques amongst selected students combating full speed, real life scenarios using life like weapons and whilst wearing Stanford Quarrie designed stab proof vests. Scenarios include mass attack, street fighting, defence from the ground and also when in confined spaces.

    The self defence training techniques involve high levels of focus in reading body language and controlling movements aswell as special striking techniques, improvised weapons training and disarming various edged weaponary all whilst under attack.

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  • Biography

    Stanford Quarrie has over thirty years of Martial Arts experience which has involved an assortment of different live scenarios.

    He started his martial arts training in the 1970's studying Wu Chia under Master R. Goh. Wu Chia training techniques are a family style from Singapore originating from the Shaolin Temple. The Wu Chia system was an extremely difficult martial art to master with only a minimal amount of seriously dedicated students even being allowed to learn. Stanford became the leading student where he represented the Wu Chia system in their successful registration into the UK Kung Fu council.

    After years with Wu Chia Stanford Quarrie then moved successfully onto Kickboxing winning the British Middleweight Title under Spirit Combat. To have confidence in the effectiveness of his fighting style he continually travelled the country to spa with instructors and students from different Martial Art styles and backgrounds and in doing so opened his eyes to discover that there is always something new to learn.

    He has experienced life threatening situations working for several years as a night club doorman in Buckinghamshire and London and also has experience in personal protection. Stanford Quarries Art of Combat has developed from all these experiences over the years whether they have been one on one attacks or mass attacks. The self defence training is so unique that it has attracted the attention of members of the emergency services.

    In later years Stanford founded a Kickboxing School where he felt he could give the young community direction and discipline. The school has successfully been running for over 10 years with over 100 students of all ages.

  • Class Schedule


    Art Of Combat Workshops take place on the 1st Sunday of every month unless otherwise stated on our Facebook Page.

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